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What's a Whoodle

Here's a dog with lots of personality!  Loving our terriers, but not so much the shedding of hair... and  loving the smaller grab 'em and go terrier, we've decided a MINI Whoodle might be just the thing for us!  

A Whoodle is very intelligent, making it a good candidate for emotional support and therapy dogs, as well as a perfect pet, and not just the sit in your lap dog.  Add it's own non shedding coat to the non shedding coat of a poodle and it sounds like a win-win to us. 

These dogs are great with kids and are always ready to make a new friend. 

A Wheaten's coat is silky soft and non shedding, the Poodle's, curly and non shedding!  We'll catch a few waves with these non drooling, sweet smelling, lovable little pals!

Donald   Our Mini Whoodle

whoodle puppy for sale
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