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About our Whoodles

We have our parent dogs here on our farm. They all have an excellent personality and temperament, that shows in our furry friends.  Our puppies have been super smart.  Typically, we send puppies home at 8 weeks. We've sent one home at 10 weeks and she was potty trained with the bell in 2 days :) The typical size of our Mini Whoodles from these litters is 25 pounds. We socialize all our puppies with our children and grandchildren. They are socialized with other dogs as well. We love them, play tag with them, tumble with them, and run with them.  All puppies are health checked before they leave us to go to their new home. They are current on all shots and wormed regularly. All our parents are health tested as well and we have had no known issues. We have a 2 year health guarantee for our puppies. We have the typical wheaten color and some black as well... we are unsure if this black will stay or if they will mature into a wheaten color... as pure bred Wheatens do. We love the non shedding, we love the terrier- super friendly personality, we just love em!

What's a Whoodle

Here's a dog with lots of personality!  Loving our terriers, but not so much the shedding of hair... and  loving the smaller grab 'em and go terrier, we've decided a MINI Whoodle might be just the thing for us!  

A Whoodle is very intelligent, making it a good candidate for emotional support and therapy dogs, as well as a perfect pet, and not just the sit in your lap dog.  Add it's own non shedding coat to the non shedding coat of a poodle and it sounds like a win-win to us. 

These dogs are great with kids and are always ready to make a new friend. 

A Wheaten's coat is silky soft and non shedding, the Poodle's, curly and non shedding!  We'll catch a few waves with these non drooling, sweet smelling, lovable little pals!

Donald   Our Mini Whoodle

Contact Us

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If you would like more information, please fill out the submission form.   We do require a non refundable $200 deposit to be on our wait list.  The deposit can be moved to any litter and will be applied to the cost of a puppy.  We will list litters when  they are available.  

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