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Coarse Parson Terrier
Parson Terrier



 April 9, 2024


Reserved for Donna

Reserved for Katy


Rena Reserved Cheryl

Reserved for John

Katy and Reggie

Shortie Jack Russell Terrier
Parson Smooth Coat Terrier

Shortie JRT

Shorty Jack Russels

Our Shorty Jack Russell's have long course coats. Their little legs keep them running behind you.  They are loyal little pals that we love to play catch with.  Easily trained they are eager to please.  They love to take rides in the car and on the side by side.  They are always ready for a little run and don't seem to run out of energy until they stop to sit by you in the shade. 

Tan and White

Parson Jack Russell AKC

Our Parson Jack Russells are so excited to see us.  They love tricks, snacks, and kisses! If you want someone to welcome you home, these guys always do it in style!  They are not a dog for the quiet and lazy.  They bounce and are always ready for an adventure.  If they perk up their ears, watch out, they'll be off!  And when their run is over, they are ready for a ride on the side by side. After feeling the wind in their face, they love to lay in the sun and snuggle with their friends!  

Smooth and Rough Coat

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