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Vixie and Kingston

Arriving fall 23


Lilly, Girl Home


Milo, Boy Home


Maverick, Home

Jack/Rat Terrier

Quite possibly our favorite! With this combination, you get the perfect puppy for a run and a cuddle when you're through.  A cocked head and uplifted ears seem to let us know they heard exactly what we said. Bouncy, full of kisses and wonderful with children these little guys are full of energy but always manage to take time for a rest on your lap... or your favorite seat! They love to take a ride and feel the wind in their face!

Recessive Colors

Shorty Jack Russels

Our Shorty Jack Russell's have long course coats. Their little legs keep them running behind you.  They are loyal little pals that we love to play catch with.  Easily trained they are eager to please.  They love to take rides in the car and on the side by side.  They are always ready for a little run and don't seem to run out of energy until they stop to sit by you in the shade. 

Tan and White

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