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A Blessed New Year

We're off to a running start! Dashing through the snow!

Talking about Blessed New Years... I didn't really want to talk about it this year. I had a blessed year last year. I really did. I moved one son 1800 miles away in January. I'll not discount that these cell phones make it much easier today than it would have been 30 years ago. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March. I had surgery in April. One son got married in May. I had a summer of healing physically, and It continues today. Fall found me off to a Catalyst Program to get a jump start healing mentally from the struggles of a relationship gone bad. I have wondered if I can have someone that will hear me and not discount my tears? Can I have someone that will just listen and will wipe (probably lick) the tears from my cheeks? Can I have someone that will see me for who I am and will just love me and not tell everyone else what is going on? Can I have someone that will protect me?

Thankful to have some furry friends here (and some people ones as well) that could do these things. We'd love to share one with you. We are loving our Mini Whoodles that are super friendly, love people, are a little ornery, and don't shed. Most thankful for our God who will not forget any of us. Sometimes when it feels, when we're in the middle of a very hard chapter of our life, that we are not known of God. But, He does know where we are and He is beside us, taking us to a better tomorrow- at a time appointed by him. The sun does shine a little brighter here today and I am thankful. We don't have to look too far to see the hurts of another. A dear friend of mine lost her 19 year old son to cancer in October. God does see all of us and he knows we can bless and help each other, and we can pray for each other.

Blessed years are often hard years. God is so good to us all, and his tender mercies are over all his works. (Psalm:145:9) I will often say that something was 'good' and I mean that I have seen The Hand of God. May you have a Blessed New Year with a Furry Friend to walk beside you, to snuggle you and to take care of your tears with puppy kisses. May you also be blessed with laughter at the antics that only your best friends will show you, and long walks in the sunshine of life.

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